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“Crime fiction behind bars”

In 6 Rhône-alpes region’s penitentiary institutions


Quais du Polar continues the Polar derrière les murs event, initiated in 2002 by the ARALD (Rhône-Alpes agency for Book and Documentation), Savoie-biblio and the Ocre Bleu association, and with the support of the Rhône-Alpes region and the DRAC Rhône-Alpes.


These encounters are the opportunity for prisoners to (re)discover the noire and police literature, and to boost their sensibility to the genre by creating encounters inside the prison walls with authors invited at the festival. These events are prepared in advance by municipal and departmental public libraries’ teams, and the Label Vie d’ange association, that run reading circles in the institutions’ libraries, interacting with penitentiary services for insertion and probation (SPIP) and Quais du Polar.


Works of the authors, acquired from independent bookshops, are made available to the prisoners in the six institutions’ libraries.


This year, 11 penal institutions will host 11 authors:

  • Laurent Astier / Bonneville Detention House
  • Sandrine Collette/ Villefranche-sur-Saône Detention House
  • DOA / Chambéry Detention House
  • Caryl Férey / Roanne Detention Centre
  • Marc Fernandez / Privas Detention House
  • Sébastien gendron / Saint-Quentin-Fallavier Penitentiary Centre
  • Marin Ledun / Varces Detention House
  • Colin Niel / La Talaudière Detention House in Saint-Etienne
  • Janis Otsiemi / Riom Detention Centre
  • Bertrand Puard / Penal Institution for Juveniles in Meyzieu
  • Romain Slocombe / Lyon Detention House in Corbas