Since its creation, Quais du Polar association has the desire of reaching every public, especially the public being the most remote from cultural practices.


All year long, Quais du Polar offers numerous educative actions intended for school audiences, in association with professionals from the literature world, cultural and institutional actors, and professionals concerned with topics discussed within the festival.


We notice that cross-sectorial projects within PAC classes (middle school) or Eurêka programs (upper school) are multiplying, mixing literature, plastic arts, theatre, natural sciences, history… Quais du Polar supports teachers in the building up of these activities and also offers a program adapted to classes during the festival.


Several types of activities are dedicated to the school audience:

  • encounters with authors hosted by the festival, in their class or on the festival’s spots. Virtual encounters are also possible.
  • writing workshops and contests
  • Film screenings in the Institut Lumière and in our other theatre partners
  • The « Great City Case »
  • A training day around thriller
  • « Encounters with a masterpiece » at the Beaux-Arts Museum


In 2012/ 2013, Quais du polar reinforced its activist approach in favor of the access to reading material for everyone with the support of the Against Illiteracy National Agency – Agence Nationale de lutte Contre l’Illettrisme (ANLCI). Numerous actions were made in this sense, including a « Big noire dictation” – “Grande dictée noire” with the author Daniel Picouly.


In 2013/ 2014, besides these activities, master-classes around translation and scriptwriting were initiated towards college students of the region. College students in their first year of DUT Information-Communication option « Métiers du livre » assisted booksellers during the festival.


In 2014/2015, the new project « a book, a film: thriller on screen » is built with several upper schools of the Region, with the supports of theatres and publishing companies. Pupils study within their class a novel and attend the screening of its adaptation, they then meet the author of the novel and the film’s director during an encounter organized Friday, April 4th, during the festival. The author Caryl Férey and the director Jérôme Salle (Zulu) already confirmed their presence.


In 2013/2014, 2456 pupils of the Region took part of this activity program, as well as 172 college students.