Youth short story contest

Everybody can join this totally free writing project organised for 8 to 15-year-old contestants.

In 2012/2013, in relation with the literary program of the festival – –the theme of this year’s short story competition is a recurring figure of the genre: ‘the superhero’.

Sarbacane Editions will partner this writing contest, whose title is a reference to an extract from Arnaud Alméras and Jacques Azam’s comic book, L’Impitoyable Questionneur (The Ruthless Enquirer), published in October 2012 (Note that reading the book is not a requirement to enter the competition!)



Do you know the story of Paul Marins?

Despite his couch potato way of life, he doesn’t think twice when he learns on the TV news that all the words are mysteriously disappearing from books. He immediately slips into his superhero outfit – that of the Ruthless Enquirer! No doubt, it’s him! The famous superhero, ready to investigate the mystery of deleted books and riding his scooter…

Imagine where his adventures will lead him or use the case of these erased books as source of inspiration to invent your own caped crusader. Beware of traps!



Length: no longer than 4500 characters, including spaces. Character count must be indicated at the end of the short story.

Title: fully free

Deadline: stories must be written on computer and sent by mail to

before the 1st of March 2013 (as evidenced by mail date).

Individual or school contact information – full name, birthdate and address – are required.

The competition winner will be chosen by a jury chaired by Arnaud Almeras and will have the opportunity to meet him during Quais du Polar festival. The authors of the 10 best short stories will be rewarded with books from Sarbacane Editions. The laureate school or form will receive books for their school library.

Lyon University offers the most motivated schools the support of researchers so as to imagine the most ‘scientifically’ plausible superhero and to present each project during Exposcience Rhône (Science Fair), which will take place on May 15th and 16th 2013 in Saint-Priest.

Rémi Bollet, 10, won the award for best contest for Le Mangeur de lettres.
The award for best contest in classroom was awarded to Colin Gaillot and Yassine Adimy for Breaking News, Manon Toscano La Croqueuse de mots, and Jeremy Perrin L’Incroyable Questionneur.  They are students of the 3rd 1 and 2nd1 college Clément Marot (Lyon 4).