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2015 plot

Each year, Quais du Polar organizes a suspense-tour across the streets of Lyon. Participants start their case at the Contemporary Art Museum – Musée d’art contemporain, where a booklet will be given to them. It contains “evidences” and will guide them in their tour. When the amateur investigators will have solved the different parts of the enigma, they will put their reply form in the ballot box of the Town City Hall – Hôtel de Ville, where the case will have lead them, before 6:00 pm on Saturday or 4:00pm on Sunday.

The Intrigue plot: « The odd dome »

“Plans of the famous Buckminster geodesic dome have disappeared from the Lyon Contemporary Art Museum. A mysterious satchel that might belong to the robber has fallen by accident into Agatha’s and Christie’s hands. All the elements are now brought together to clear out this major case. But can they make it without you? Who stole the precious plans ? What for? Where are they hiding now ? »


Case solving

The draw among good answers will take place during the festival, Sunday, March 29th at 5 :00pm, in the Town City Hall Grand Salon – Grand Salon de l’Hôtel de Ville.

1st prize: 2 Air France plane tickets for Latin America

2nd prize: 1 round-trip to London by Eurostar for 2

3rd and 4th prize: Kilometres of escape by train

From 5th au 64th prize: Books from the Folio Policier Publisher


Booklets for the case are only available in French.