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A red-nosed victim, a bullet that seems to be a mammoth’s molar just stolen from the Confluences Museum, a culprit opening up to some mercy: welcome to Quais du Polar’s new investigation!

The bottom line of this incredible story is likely to be hidden in legends from Lyon and 16th century printed manuscripts. And by the way, welcome into the world of poisons…

Every year, Quais du Polar gives you the opportunity to discover Lyon differently, through a Big City Investigation. Participants follow an exclusive trail, along which they look for clues dispatched in unusual places or in actors’ cues, to solve the mystery. This year, the departure spot will be at the Confluence Museum and will, among other city monuments, go by the Archives Municipales, Perrache Train station, Printing Museum, up to Hôtel de Ville. Created by: Christelle Ravey.

Practical information

Withdrawal of Road books in the Confluences Museum:

Saturday April 1st: From 9am to 4pm

Sunday April 2nd: From 9am to 1pm

Report cards must be handed in at the Hôtel de Ville

Investigation duration: 3 hours

Random Draw

Sunday April 2nd at 5pm in the Grand Salon, Hôtel de Ville

Prizes: a long-distance Air France plane tickets, dinner cruises on Lyon City Boat, Member Cards Le Club Accor Hôtels and books from the Pocket series.


Thanks to the glasses given on the Investigation departure, Air France gives you the possibility to discover a bonus clue, and participate in a photo contest on the festival’s Facebook page. Medium-haul flight Air France tickets, must-have glasses (offered by Lulu Frenchie) and the 2017 Readers’ award winning novel signed by its author, are on the prizes list.

By downloading the Investigation booklet on Kobo’s web site, amateur detectives will try to win a Kobo ereader.