Quais du Polar 2017

Major event on the world map of the noir genre, 2017 Quais du Polar’s edition will focus on the main theme “Europe, from East to West”, and other topics.

This year, throughout this main focus, Quais du Polar will explore alternative or unknown territories of crime fiction: Germany, but also towards further East Romania, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland or Serbia. Singular – and often truly dark – new lands will be offered to readers’ curiosity.

The notion of “genre” will be developed: literature genres of course, with crime fiction novelists and authors from many different literature horizons. The question of feminine and masculine genre/gender, and the role they both play in crime fiction, in which the role of women – author, character or reader – has fortunately much evolved since its premises. We definitely have to consider the fact that, nowadays, women have seized the noir power…

Music will be at the heart of the event: classical, rock, baroque, jazz, electro… Playlists of authors are increasingly present and sometimes carry readers through the variety of their fictional universes. With the complicity of musicians, music will support some encounters of the festival. For example, with the support of the Lyon conservatory and musicians, Donna Leon will make us discover baroque music, Grégoire Hervier will bring us the rock universe and Marcus Malte will immerse us into jazz.

True crimes, novelized news items, investigations, writings relating legal cases, all have been at the centre of the latest publishing season. How can we address the facts with the proper hindsight and thoughtfulness, and how is it possible to treat them in a literary way? When reality serves fiction.

Finally, several weeks before the French presidential elections, we will obviously talk about issues of power, its abuses and manipulations, with all the hosted authors, French and foreign. The opportunity for a world tour of national and globalized realities.

Among the guests, you can already take note of the following authors: Arnaldur Indriðason (Iceland), Ron Rash (USA), Megan Abbott (USA), Victor del Árbol (Spain), Lisa Gardner (USA), Donna Leon (USA), Val McDermid (Great Britain) and Philip Kerr (Great Britain), Gila Lustiger (Germany), Zygmunt Miloszewski (Poland), Andriy Kokotukha (Ukraine), Bogdan Teodorescu (Romania), Dror Mishani (Israel), Qiu Xiaolong (China-USA). And, among French authors : Sandrine Collette, Dominique Sylvain, DOA, Michel Bussi, Olivier Truc, Marin Ledun, Bernard Minier, Hugues Pagan, Hervé le Corre, Ian Manook, and for the first time at Quais du Polar, Judith Perrignon and Eva Joly. As with every year, authors whose universes turned to the noir genre, without necessarily belonging to the category, will join the guests above-mentioned: Ivan Jablonka, Marcus Malte, Harold Cobert, Michel Pastoureau, David Vann (USA)…

In 2016, nearly 80 000 visitors came to meet nearly 130 authors of 23 different nationalities. They purchased 30 000 books, thus generating a 270 000€ turnover for our partner booksellers.

Like every year, Quais du Polar will be involved in events across the whole city of Lyon and throughout the region. Museums will once again team up with the festival: “Conversations around an art work” will still be scheduled at the Beaux-Arts Museum, the Confluence Museum will host several round-tables and the Gallo-Roman Museum will invite the public to a Murder Party. An author will comment the Los Angeles exhibition in the Contemporary Art Museum; the Gadagne Museum will once more offer the urban tours and the Printing-
House Museum the wanderings with an author. Others will be invited by media-libraries, libraries and bookstores from the entire territory. Festival-goers will be able to discover the Departmental Archives by night. Last but not least, the Vaulx-en-Velin Planetarium will incorporate the programmation.

Invited authors will present a Noir Weekend at the Institut Lumière, birthplace of cinema, and will take the floor in theatres of Lyon to introduce films and meet the public. TV series will also be in the spotlight with the programmation of productions of our partner Arte channel, and an exclusive production of Canal+ channel.
The urban tour, which smashed all the records last year, with 15 000 participants, will take the amateur investigators from the Confluence Museum to the Town Hall.
For this year’s edition, this great investigation will be doubled with an interactive game created by the Centre Factory and achieved by five schools and universities, which represents sixty students.
The “Noir Dictations” will celebrate their fifth anniversary in 2017. With the partnership of the National Agency for the Struggle against Illiteracy, after Amélie Nothomb and François Morel, two other important figures will host the playful dictations, one of which will be dedicated to schools, and the other opened to the public.

The 2017 Quais du Polar/20 Minutes Readers’ Prize will be awarded by 10 members of the jury to the year’s francophone crime fiction novel, chosen among a selection drawn up by partner booksellers:

The Quais du Polar/City of Lyon Youth Prize, created in 2015, will be awarded by 13 classes of primary schools (CM1/CM2) from the Lyon Métropole. This project is supported by the Book Ambassadors of the AFEV (Student Foundation for the City), and will be held once again during after-school time. Nominated books are:

  • Le Club de la Pluie contre Satin-Noir, Malika Ferdjoukh (L’Ecole des Loisirs).
  • Qui veut la peau de Barack et Angela ?, Guillaume Nail (Le Rouergue).
  • Les carnets de Cerise / La Déesse sans visage T4, Aurélie Neyret and Joris Chamblain (Soleil).
  • Énigme au grand stade, Danielle Thiéry (Syros).
  • Le plus vieux meurtre du monde, Pascal Prévot and Eglantine Ceulemans (Milan).

The fourth edition of the Professional Encounters, Polar Connection, will take place on Friday, March 31st, 2017. Dedicated to book and broadcast professionals, this day will be the opportunity for them to meet and exchange about their work and activities. They will also have the possibility to attend round-tables and conferences on the following topics: Crossroad of international publishers, Crime fiction on screen, Let’s talk about the trade
and Crime Fiction universe and Digital.

Quais du Polar Festival and the Institut Français work together in Germany, during the Leipzig Book Fair, an event highlighting to the German public, francophone authors of crime fiction. This project, entitled “Krimi à la française”(French style Krimi) will be shaped in March 2017, and will offer during the Fair, a Francophone Crime Fiction Night and a Great Urban Investigation in Leipzig, as well as a project of digital cultural classes on crime fiction writing, a project that will develop all year long with classes from Lyon, Leipzig and Frankfurt. This project is part of a French Cultural programmation established by the Institut Français of Germany, all throughout 2017, France being the guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair next October.