The Agostino Prize

Like every year, Quais du Polar will award the Agostino Prize for the best crime or detective fiction short-story.

The 2013 competition has started. This year Quais du Polar will work in partnership with the Opéra de Lyon in tune with the Opéra’s Justice/Injustice Festival during which Claude, the opera based on Victor Hugo’s Claude Gueux – a short and vibrant plea against death penalty –  will be performed for the first time. The Agostino Prize rewards the crime or detective fiction short-story which best epitomises the fight against injustice.

If you want to apply, you can find more information under the ‘À l’année’ section.


In 2012, Quais du Polar celebrated the USA. This is why we wished to honour American crime fiction and its famous private detective character. The contestants took inspiration from this theme to write the best detective short-stories.

The 2012 Agostino Prize for best detective fiction short-story was awarded to Philippe Fauché’s Le Chandelier.

The jury’s favourite prize was awarded to Bénédicte Blancsubé’s Lorsque vous lirez cette lettre.