The Youth Short Story Award

Like every year, Quais du Polar awards the best youth thriller or detective short story. This competition is open to 8 to 15-year-old candidates.

In 2013, Sarbacane Éditions is partnering this -totally free- great writing contest. This year, the starting point is an extract of Arnaud Almeras and Jacques Azam’s L’Impitoyable Questionneur.

As contestants, you will have to imagine how the story continues or to use this comic book universe to create a superhero. For full contest rules, please click on the ‘Concours’ (Contest) section or download here.

The Prize for the best youth short story will be presented during the festival. The winners will receive Sarbacane books and will have the opportunity to meet Arnaud Almeras. The awarded short story will be published in Grains de Sel monthly magazine.


The 2012 Prize for best youth thriller short story was given to 14-year-old Marion Valette for Le vol tourne mal (Robbery Gone Wrong)

The special ‘Budding Young Writer’ Prize was given to 10-year-old Amin Hammani for Comment je suis devenu détective. (How I Became A Detective)

The Prize for the school short story has been given to M. Montcharmont’ year 8 and 9 pupils from Olivier de Serres Collège in Meyzieu, for  Comment je suis devenu détective. (How I Became A Detective)