Mike Nicol


Mike Nicol is a journalist and writer, and teacher of online writing courses on creative writing and non-fiction narrative. He lives in Cape Town. His crime novels are published by Seuil Policiers and Ombres Noires in France They have all featured in the KrimiZeit top 10 list in Germany, and Payback was shortlisted for the VN Thriller of the Year award in Holland (2015) and the Prix SNCF Du Polar 2016 in France.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

I live in a time of anxiety and the acrid stench of urine. Dystopian Cape Town hits Day Zero in April when there will be no water. We will be in the country of Mad Max. Our worst fictions a reality.

Crime favourites

book : The Last Supper by Charles McCarry.

movie : Prisoners of War (Israeli TV series).

author : John le Carre.