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Every year, Quais du Polar hosts authors and professionals from all parts of the world to discuss literature, art, culture, as well as to express their opinion on the contemporary world and its future.

This opening to the world matches our will to highlight French crime fiction and its authors abroad. It brought us to develop numerous exchanges allowing us today to make the event and the genre shine beyond the frontiers of France.

The international development with the partnership of the InstitutFrançais

Throughout the years, the InstitutFrançais has been supporting Quais du Polar in its international dimension development, in order to initiate exchanges and contribute to the glow of francophone crime fiction across the world.

This collaboration took shape for example with South Africa, Quais du Polar having hosted South African authors and professionals, while the Franschhoek Literary Festival, that took place in May 2016 in South Africa, presented a selection of French crime fiction as well as two invited authors in corporation with Quais du Polar.

Quais du Polar and the InstitutFrançais also initiate an International Crime Fiction Focus during the festival in Lyon with the invitation of foreign programmers, cultural managers and members of the French cultural network abroad so that they can discover the event and launch specific projects abroad in collaboration with Quais du Polar.Among other events, they meet on Polar Connection, more than ever, an essential international platform of professional exchanges.This year, on Polar Connection focused on Italy, foreign publishers are invited to meet French publishers and discuss crime fiction and projects.

A round-table focusing on Crime Fiction in Italy will give voice to hosted Italian publishers.

In the framework of its partnership with the InstitutFrançais, Quais du Polar also accomplished several studies on French crime fiction, shared with all bureaux du livre abroad.

French-style Krimi in Leipzig

After the success of the event in 2017, Quais du Polar and the InstitutFrançais decided to once more get together to organize an event highlighting francophone authors of crime fiction literature for the German audience, on the occasion of the Leipzig Book Fair.

Krimi à la françaisewill take place from March 15th to 18th 2018 and will propose a Crime Fiction Night and a Great investigation in Leipzig.

This is why, a few days before Quais du Polar in Lyon, JérémyFel, Emmanuel Grand, Grégoire Hervier, Joseph Incardona, Louise Mey and Antonin Varenne will head for Leipzig to carry out the colors of francophone crime fiction on the occasion of the Kriminacht.

Quais du polar in Palermo

The Italian Institutfrançais also imagined with Quais du Polaran event in the same vein set in Palermo, on the occasion of the  Una Marina di libri Fair in June 2018 : invitation of francophone authors to an encounter around « French crime fiction » during the fair, workshops and translation battles, urban investigation in Palermo are currently in preparation.