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5th edition of Quais du Polar’s professional section

Polar Connection, Quais du Polar’s professional section, is developing its 5th edition at the heart of the festival. These encounters are the opportunity to unite different actors of this cultural and creative industry of crime fiction. French and international professionals of the book, cinema, broadcasting, digital and transmedia sectors meet to celebrate the attractiveness and vitality of crime fiction literature and crime fiction genre.

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Polar Connection offersprofessionals:

  • Round-tables to question specificities of the crime fiction genre, exchange ideas on studies or original experiences, great richness in the sector, initiate new projects.
  • Opportunities of encounters with authors, French and international publishers, particularly international rights and audiovisual rights experts, scriptwriters, interpreters, film, audiovisual and transmedia producers and broadcasters, venue managers or cultural event organizers, journalists.
  • Opportunities to make their activities known, demonstrate their know-how, create connections, develop their network, and develop their cultural and creative projects.

A dedicated time and space for professionals encourage exchanges:

  • Around a programme of round-tables, focus, master classes,
  • In the “Polar Connection” Café, an area dedicated to networking and appointments
  • Around its “Digital Innovation Corner”,
  • During the Polar en Série Award Ceremony and lunch-buffet at the Chapelle de la Trinité
  • In the Grande Librairie-Big Crime Fiction Bookstore around our bookstores’ partners
  • Thanks to the professionals’ directory released upstream, professionals will extend their contacts during the Inauguration Ceremony of the Festival on the Friday evening and in a dedicated area at the Professional Encounters on the Saturday.

Digital innovation corner

In the Polar Connection Café, an area will present digital projects and innovations in the crime fiction universe, in publishing, in transmedia…this area will allow participants to discover inventive initiatives, recent technologies or new habits and purposes impulsed by current digital mutations. By presenting them to professionals, Polar Connection hopes to encourage their transmission, question their relevance and contribute to the emergence of projects.

Polar enSéries prize – From crime fiction novel to series prize

An identification of 7 works selected for their quality and TV series adaptation potential. The Prize will be awarded during Polar Connection, with a presentation of the nominated works by their publishers.

The “Polar in Series” Prize is presented in public during Polar Connection. It ensures the prize-winning book and all the selected books have a special light. They are presented in a booklet published specifically for “Quais du Polar”, distributed to all Polar Connection participants, translated into English for foreigners and then distributed via the various partners’ network (to foreign publishers via the InstitutFrançais, producers via Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, SCELF and Initiative Film).

The authors take part in the specific exchanges on adaptation. The audiovisual rights managers of the publishing houses are invited to come and talk at the meetings with the directors and programmers who will be present on the spot.

This “Polar enSéries” Prize is initiated by “Quais du Polar” with the support of SCELF, the InstitutFrançais, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, and Initiative Film.

In partnership with Ecran Total, the CEEA and the Association of series’s review.

Find the booklet Polar in Series 2017


9:30 Opening – Reception of participants

From 9:30 to 18:00:      

  • Café Polar Connection
  • Networking and appointment area
  • Digital Innovation Corner

From 10:00 to 12:00: Round-tables and Focus

From 12:00 to 14:00: Chapelle de la Trinité (just around the corner of the Palais du Commerce)

  • Polar en Séries Award
  • Followed by a cocktail reception

From 14:00 to 18:00: Round-tables and Focus

19:00 Quais du Polar Festival Inauguration

Palais du Commerce then Chapelle de la Trinité

10am Palais de la Bourse – Salle Jacquard

Crime fiction in Italy.

Quais du Polar offers this year a special focus on present-day Italy. Polar Connection takes this opportunity to question the place of the crime fiction in the publishing landscape in Italy. What are the trends in Italian authors? How is the French thriller perceived?

Overview of the Italian market, its specificities and its expectations in terms of crime fiction with the invited Italian publishers.

With Nicolas Roche (BIEF), Bernadette Vincent (Institutfrançaisd’Italie) and italian editors Bompiani, Clichy, Einaudi, E/O, Harper Colins Italy, Marsilio


10:15am Palais de la Bourse – Salle Tony Garnier

When new uses of digital cross the crime fiction.

The new opportunities created by digital induce evolutions in our uses. New proposals appear in terms of technological solutions, narrations or mediation.

With Pierre Cattan (Small Bang), Pascal Leby (Switch Book), Valérie Levy-Soussan, (AudioLib)

Moderation : Guillaume Teisseire (Babelio)



11am- Palais de la Bourse – Salle Jacquard

Booksellers / publishers : a fruitful collaboration in the service of authors.

Publishers and booksellers are at the heart of the development of the authors and their works. Their collaboration takes many forms. How does it change over the literary news? What are their mutual expectations? Let’s lift the veil with Page des Libraires.

With Jean-Baptiste Hamelin (Librairie Le Carnet à spirales, Charlieu), Stanislas Rigot (Librairie Lamartine, Paris), Lise Detrigne (éditions Métailié), Élodie Pajot (éditions Liana-Lévi)

Moderation : Jérôme Dejean (Page des Libraires)



11am Palais de la Bourse – Salle Tony Garnier

To adapt a novel into a serie, from the birth of the idea to the collaborations to invent

The series often draws its source in detective novels. How projects are born and how invent collaborations between author, publisher, screenwriter, producer and broadcaster … Sharing experiences.

With Ingrid Desjours (author), Isabelle Huige (Arte), Linwood Barclay (author), Sydney Gallonde (Make it happen Studio)

Modération : Vincent Raymond (Le Petit Bulletin)


12:15pm Chapelle de la Trinité

“Polar en Séries” Award

Publishers’ interview to present the 6 short-listed works and annoucement of the 2018 winner.

With representatives of publishers : Gallimard, Le Lombard, Liana-Lévi, Plon, Rageot, Rivages, Nathalie Piaskowski (Scelf) and Isabelle Fauvel (Initiative film) and members of the award’s jury.


1:00pm  Chapelle de la Trinité

Cocktail receptionwith the support of Arte


2pm Palais de la Bourse – Salle Jacquard               

Case study: The international – and especially French – crime fiction in Norway

Norway is a country rich in authors of detective literature.Its publishers are also open to the world and publish successfully international authors, with a special interest recently for French authors.

With AsbjørnØverås (Edition Aschehoug),

Moderation : Vincent Raymond (Le Petit Bulletin)


2:30pm Palais de la Bourse – Salle Jacquard

Focus on the place of the crime fiction in international festivals and book fairs.

The literary events that make a special place for the crime fiction in all its forms interest us! Procedures, editorial lines and public echoes: share these experiences.

With Serena Bella (Una marina di libriPalerme), Grégory Laurent (Foire du Livre Bruxelles), Yann Perreau (Livre Paris), Judith Becqueriaux (Editions Denoël, Commission Internationale du SNE)



2:30pmPalais de la Bourse – Salle Tony Garnier


Harlan Coben, guest of the festival for his new novel Sans défense, will meet the professionals of Polar Connection in a master class with Sydney Gallonde, producer of the series Une chance de trop and Juste un regard adapted from his novels. The opportunity to also talk of his facility to cross the different forms of writing : novels, original idea of series, adaptation, etc.

With Sydney Gallonde, (Make it happen Studio)

Modération : Marie Barraco (Festival Série Séries)


3:30pm Palais de la Bourse – Salle Jacquard

How to showcase the crime fiction to the general public in the media?

Does the crime fiction genre find its place in the current media landscape? Does it have a unifying value or does it always seek its legitimacy? How can the professionals brought together by the interest for this genre collaborate for its development?

WithFabrice Drouelle (Polar+), Pascale Frey (Elle), Julie Malaure (Le Point), Juan Carlos Galindo (El Païs),

Moderation : Vincent Raymond (Le Petit Bulletin)



4pm Palais de la Bourse – Salle Tony Garnier

The authors of crime fiction travels more frequently between the different forms of narration : novel, series, film … Let’s talk about it.

A meeting to take an interest in this trend by giving the floor to the authors to hear their motivations, interests and the particularities of their varied writing experiences. And audiovisual professionals who are also attentive to these crossroads.

With Niko Tackian, Franck Thilliez, Carlo Lucarelli, authors, Quitterie Gausserès (Nord-Ouest),VéraPeltékian (Canal+)

Moderation : Pierre Sérisier (Le Monde des Séries)



4:15pm Palais de la Bourse – Salle Tony Garnier

Focus on Futur Livre, a platform dedicated to the innovative book

Presentation of the platform designed by the Institutfrançais and overview on selected works and experiences

With Agnès Alfandari (Institut français)


19pm Grande Librairie of Palais de la Bourse then Chapelle de la Trinité

Inauguration Ceremony of the Festival Quais du Polar


Saturday , April 7th 2018

Extension a la carte

Polar Connection is more than ever an international platform for professional exchange. The collaboration with the Institutfrançais takes the form this year of an International Polar Focus that crosses all the themes of Polar Connection with the participation of representatives of the French cultural network abroad and international professionals : publishers, programmers of events, leaders of communities and foreign cultural institutions.


Accreditation fee: 55 € preferential rate until March 6th included (65 € from March 6th).

Accreditation at Polar Connection includes:

  • access to the round tables, focus and masterclass on Friday 6 April,
  • access to the Polar Connection Café professional area
  • the extension to the card of Saturday, April 7 (meeting space and special meetings pros)
  • access to the Digital Innovation Corner,
  • the directory of participants sent upstream of the event,
  • the buffet lunch reserved for professionals,
  • the invitation to the opening night of the festival,
  • the booklet of the “Polar en Series” prize,
  • Easy access to festival meetings throughout the weekend.

Submitting my POLAR CONNECTION accreditation means that I agree that my contact information (email and phone number) can be given to all POLAR CONNECTION participants.

Accreditation withdrawal will be possible at your arrival at the Palais du Commerce on Friday, April 6.

Polar Connection is restricted to book industry and video media professionals. Quais du Polar Team reserves the right to refuse submissions that do not fulfil these criteria and will then proceed in the refund.