Dominique Sylvain


Dominique Sylvain was born on September 30, 1957 in Thionville in France. She worked for a dozen years in Paris, first as a journalist, then as head of internal communication and sponsorship at Usinor enterprise. For thirteen years, she lived with her family in Asia. Tokyo inspired her first novel “Baka !” (1995). “Soeurs de sang” (1997) and “Travestis” (1998) were written in Singapore. She currently lives in Paris but remains very attached to Asia where she visits regularly. She now devotes herself exclusively to writing. Her sixteen novels have all been published in the Chemins Nocturnes collection, published by Viviane Hamy editions.



Autobiography for Quais du Polar

When asked books do I do, I say,” I don’t really know. Let’s say I’m writing what instinctively moves me. ” If I had been a musician, I would not have chosen contemporary music, but funk rock, jazz, electro. large program.



Crime favourites

book: Le Point zéro, Seichô Matsumoto

movie: Healer, Song Ji-na

author: Natsuo Kirino

auteur : So What, Miles Davis