Henning Mankell


Henning Mankell was born 1948 and is a novelist and a playwright. He has lived and worked mostly in Mozambique for the last ten years – ”So now there is an edge to the way I look at my own country”, he says.

His beginnings as a playwright sharpened his sense of dialogue. He has also written several books for children, winning various awards. They often tackle serious issues and are written with great tenderness. But in Sweden he has definitely won over both the critics and the public with crime stories centred around inspector Wallander. This series, which received First Prize for crime fiction by the Swedish Academy, is set in a small Scanian town, where worried investigators wonder about an increasingly uncontrollable society.

Last year, The Troubled Man ended the series, and a paperback edition of The man from Beijing will by available in French (Le Chinois) this year.