Hervé Claude


Hervé Claude, who used to be a television journalist (France 2 and then Arte), now divides his time between Paris, Brittany and Australia, where he spends several months a year. In fact, his crime stories are often inspired by his observations of Australian society. He is the author of about fifteen novels, including Riches, cruels et fardés (2002, Folio 2008) and Requins et coquins (2003), published by the Série Noire. Actes Sud have already published Mort d’une drag-queen (Babel noir n° 12), Nickel chrome (Actes noirs, 2009 ; Babel noir n° 41), Les ours s’embrassent pour mourir (Actes noirs, 2010), and more recently Les mâchoires du serpent in 2012.

Crime favourites

book : American Darling, by Russell Banks.

movie : Animal Kingdom, directed by David Michôd.

author : Ian Mc Ewan.