Laurent Astier


Born in 1975 in Firminy, Laurent Astier studied visual communication. He joined a video game development team and worked during three years on the creation of Evil Twin or Cyprien’s Chronicles, a platform adventure game. His work being noticed on the occasion of a competition organised to celebrate Glénat Editions 30th birthday, he signed a contract for the publication of the first volume of the Cirk series published in 2002. He worked as an illustrator for Multisim, a role-playing game publisher and made the two covers for Colin Marchika’s La Reine de Vendôme series. In 2003 he wrote Gong, the story of a boxer in one-hundred pages (Vents d’ouest Editions). Following the Cirk series, he started a new trilogy, Aven, a country thriller written by his brother and published by Vents d’Ouest. The last volume of his Cellule Poison series has just been published by Dargaud Editions.

Crime favourites

bookSuerte, by Claude Lucas.

movieThe Shawshank Redemption, directed by Frank Darabont.

author: Ed Bunker.