JD Bruet-Ferreol, hiding under the pseudonym of MALLOCK (family name of his thriller series’ superintendent) is a painter, photographer, designer, inventor, art director, composer and, first and foremost, a writer. Since 2000 he has devoted himself to digital painting – through exhibitions and and art book publishing – and to writing, detective fiction notably.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

‘MALLOCK, such is the name of the superintendent, main character of the great thriller series published by Fleuve Noir… ‘Sorry to interrupt, somebody whispered, but not at all! Apparently, MALLOCK is the name of the author who wrote the excellent…’ ‘Excuse me! Are you really sure about that?’ ‘Certainly! As a matter of fact, the author seems to have chosen the easy option, his name is the same as his hero’s: MALLOCK!’

Crime favourites

Film: Manhunter, directed by Michael Mann

Book: City of the Dead, by Herbert Lieberman

Author: Thomas Harris