Qiu Xiaolong


Qiu Xiaolong was born in Shanghai in 1953. During the Cultural Revolution, his father became the target of the revolutionaries and he himself was banned from school. He eventually managed to obtain a Ph.D on T.S. Eliot and continued his studies in the USA. Following the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 he was forced to remain there. He then decided to write in English and after Death of a Red Heroine, he published six crime fiction novels as well as collection of short-stories Years of Red Dust. His books are translated in more than twenty different languages.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

« Out of the misplaced-yin-yang causality through the Cultural Revolution and Tiananmen Massacre, an accident of a Chinese poet turning into an American novelist writing in English about a Shanghai police inspector struggling to work conscientiously under the authoritarian regime. »

Crime favourites

book : Roseanna, de Maj Sjowall et Per Wahloo.

movie : Rebecca, d’Alfred Hitchcock.

author: T.S Aliot.