Rosa Montero


Rosa Montero was born and lives in Madrid. After studying journalism and psychology, she worked as a journalist and columnist for El País. She wrote many novels that have been translated into several languages, including El corazón del Tártaro (The Heart of the Tartar), La Loca De La Casa (The Crazed Woman Inside Me), Instrucciones para salvar al mundo (Instructions to Save the World) and La Hija Del Canibal (The Cannibal’s Daughter)– Primavera Prize and bestseller in Spain). Her latest novel was published in France by Métailié in January 2013.


Autobiography for Quais du Polar

‘I’ve been writing fiction since the age of 5, and I’ve been a journalist since the age of 19. I was born in Madrid in 1951 and up to now I think I have managed to survive the great debacle that life can be. Fingers crossed.


Crime favourites

Film: Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott

Book: Deep Water, by Patricia Highsmith

Author: Patricia Highsmith