Sam Millar


Born in 1958 in Belfast, Sam Millar joined the IRA at an early age – which earned him a 8-year sentence in the notorious Long Kesh prison. Upon his release, he emigrated to the USA where he, amongst other jobs, worked in illicit casinos before planning the 1993 Brinks Security robbery. After being tried and imprisoned he was ultimately pardoned by President Bill Clinton. He then returned to Belfast, where he still lives, and turned from the sword to the pen. Apart from On the Brinks, he wrote two novels The Dark Place and The Redemption Factory (to be published in France by Points), and the Karl Kane series, which will be published by Seuil Policiers.


Autobiography for Quais du Polar

‘Award-winning crime writer and successful playwright with On The Brink and the Karl Kane series. I spent 14 years in Belfast prison as a political prisoner. Followed by 5 years in an American jail after committing the biggest heist in American history, until I was pardoned by Bill Clinton.’


Crime favourites

Film : L. A. Confidential, directed by Curtis Hanson

Book: No Country for old men, by Cormac MacCarthy

Author: James Ellroy