Thomas Mullen


Autobiographie pour Quais du Polar

Thomas Mullen lives a deceptively quiet life not far from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. While cars drive by and dogs bark and the locals suspect not a thing, he commits murders, spins wildly convoluted conspiracy theories, travels through time, reinvents the past, resurrects the dead, falls in love with women of his own invention, imperils young children, unleashes plagues, wages war, saves lives, breaks grammar rules, and invents new metaphors. Most of his sentences contain verbs.


Polars fétiches

A book: The Cartel, Don Winslow / Lush Life, Richard Price / Motherless Brooklyn, Johnathan Lethem

A series: The Americans, Joe Weiserg / Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail / Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan

An author: Philip Kerr

A music: Portishead

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