Andrée A. Michaud


Andrée A.Michaud is the winner of the Canadian Governor General’s Award for “Le Ravissement” and the Ringuet Prize for “Mirror Lake” (in the process of being adapted to the cinema). Her thriller “Lazy Bird” carried by jazz tunes was published in 2010 at Seuil editions in France.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

My totem is the squirrel, but if I had to reincarnate, I would opt for the alligator, in order to end my days in Florida and to eat something other than pinottes. In the meantime, I live in Quebec, surrounded by trees and animals. It allows me to stay warm.

Crime favourites

livre : Mystic River, Dennis Lehane

film : Tchao Pantin, Claude Berri, d’après le roman d’Alain Page

auteur : William Irish

auteur : Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground, Blind Willie Johnson