Antoine Albertini


Antoine Albertini is the correspondent for Le Monde in Corsica. He wrote La femme sans tête (Grasset, 2013) and Les Invisibles (Lattès, 2018), the first book in the collection of the same name. He published his first novel Malamorte (Lattès, 2019), the start of a series of police investigations in Corsica.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

Born August 1, 1975, journalist, whiskey and country lover (not necessarily in that order), I dream of joining the Foreign Legion under an assumed name: Albert Antonini. Just to cover the tracks but not too much.

Favorite “noir”

livreCherokee,  Richard Morgiève and Unité 8200, Dov Alfon 

film : The Thief, Michael Mann et L’assassinat de Jesse James par le lâche Robert Ford, Andrew Dominik

auteurI am a fanatic (in a dangerous way) of James Ellroy. He could publish his shopping list or a collection of his parking tickets, I would find that absolutely brilliant. On the French side, in polar, DOA.

auteur : Any country or bluegrass song about depression, binge drinking, romance and long, lonely trips on a deserted highway. I’m still looking for the song that will speak of all of this at the same time.


Antoine Albertini is a nominee of Prix des lecteurs Quais du Polar/ 20 minutes for his book Malamorte (JC Lattès).