Benoît Philippon


Born in 1976, Benoît Philippon grew up in Ivory Coast, the West Indies, then between France and Canada. He was a screenwriter then a film director. After Cabossé, published by Série Noire, and t Mamie Luger published by EquinoX in 2018, Joueuse is his third novel.


Autobiography for Quais du Polar

Writes black, wears floral shirts, his novels takes place across the Cantal even though he grew up in Africa, he works in the cinema industry, rumors also speak of animation, he would even dabble in comics. He pleads guilty, he doesn’t like labels.


Crime favourites

book : La fée Carabine de Pennac Vs Sin City de Frank Miller

movie :Pulp Fiction, Tarantino

author : Tennessee Williams

auteur : Jersey Girl, Tom Waits