Caryl Férey


Caryl Férey is a writer, traveler and screenwriter. He established himself as one of the best authors of the French thriller with Zulu, a novel about South Africa, rewarded with the Grand prix de littérature policière and the Grand prix des lectrices de Elle in 2009, then with Mapuche, a novel about Argentina, Landerneau polar prize and the Best French Crime from the  Lire magazine in 2012.

He is also the author of the Condor and Mc Cash series whose last volume is Plus jamais seul. 

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

Absent last year, the author intends to spread the most total subversion for this year’s edition, out of love of course, especially on the dance floor if here is a it of rock (we dance better when we’re two, didn’t you notice?)

Favorite “noir”

book: Le Cherokee,Richard Morgièvre

film : The next one from Jérôme Salle if he can finance it, we wrote the script togeter

auteur : Richard Morgiève (If the rumors are correct, he is a very good dancer)

A song : Hello Spaceboy, Bowie