Colin Niel


An environmental engineer, specializing in the preservation of biodiversity, Colin Niel worked in Guyana for several years. His best-known novels are Les Hamacs de carton (The Hammocks of Cardboard), Ce qui reste en forêt (What Remains in the Forest) and Obia. He won many awards and prizes in this career like the prize of readers for the Festival Quais du Polar in 2016.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

Deep down, he’s a hard-working scientist, but he writes novels. He grew up in the middle of concrete, in the Parisian suburbs, but his stories take place in the forest or in the open countryside. He is white but come to think of it, his characters are more often black. But otherwise he is fine, thank you.

Crime favourites

book :L’origine des espèces, Charles Darwin

movie :Borgen, Adam Price

author :Dennis Lehane

auteur : Repose en paix, Booba