Don Winslow


Don Winslow is an American author most recognized for his crime and mystery novels. Many of his books are set in California. Five of his novels feature private investigator Neal Carey. He has also co-written screenplays for Savages, Satori, and other adaptations of his novels with screenwriter/producer Shane Salerno.



Autobiography for Quais du Polar

Son of a sailor and a bookseller in love with a sailor, I was surronded by adventure stories from an early age. I told myself that, if I became a writer, I would tell stories too. Now, I have the chance to exercise this profession and I am very happy.


Crime favourites

book : The Long Goodbye, Raymond Chandler

movie : Les Copains d’Eddie Coyle (The Friends of Eddie Coyle), Peter Yates

author :  Elmore Leonard

auteur : Darkness On The Edge of Town, Bruce Springsteen