Franck Thilliez


Franck Thilliez is the author of several bestselling novels in his native France, where he lives. He wrote around fifteen novels, among which, Atomka, Pandemia, Sharko and Le Manuscrit inachevé. Adapted to the cinema for La Chambre des morts, he is also a screenwriter. His books are translated all over the world.


Autobiography for Quais du Polar

I think I have killed a good hundred people in fifteen novels, which nevertheless makes me a very social person. I came to writing a little by chance: I had a story in mind, I turned it into a book, it was sixteen years ago, already. And why the thriller? Because I fed on it throughout all my adolescence!


Crime favourites

book : Mygale, Jonquet

movie : Seven, David Fincher

author : Stephen King

auteur : Sound of silence, Simon & Garfunkel