Fred Duval


Born in January 1965 in Rouen, Fred Duval published his first album, 500 fusils, in 1995. The same year, he signed his first big success, Carmen Mc Callum (Delcourt, “Série B”). Travis (Delcourt) and Hauteville House (Delcourt) followed. In 2008, he started Meteors (Delcourt), a science fiction series directed by Philippe Ogaki. He also fulfilled an old dream and, with the cartoonist Zanzim, adapted Tartuffe into a comic book (Delcourt). In 2010, he joined the team of Le Casse (Delcourt), for which he wrote volume 4 La Grande Escroquerie. The same year, he created Nico (Dargaud), with Philippe Berthet, and embarked, alongside Jean-Pierre Pécau, on the adventure of Jour D (Delcourt), a concept series directed by Fred Blanchard, which revisits the great turning points of history. In 2012, he published volume 1 of L’homme de l’année, an album that was a great critical and commercial success. In 2014, he published two albums devoted to Esterhazy and the Dreyfus affair, and Wonderball (Delcourt), an ambitious thriller written with Jean-Pierre Pecau and Fred Blanchard and drawn by Colin Wilson. In October 2016, he signed volume 10 of XIII Mystery (Dargaud), drawn by Corentin Rouge. In 2018, he worked with Didier Cassegrain on the comic book adaptation of the novel Nymphéas noirs (Dupuis), by Michel Bussi. The same year, the first volume of his new science-fiction series, Renaissance (Dargaud, volume 3, 2020), produced with EMEM and Frédéric Blanchard, was released. In 2020, Fred Duval became a knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. Resides in Seine-Maritime.

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Autobiographie pour Quais du Polar

Je suis scénariste de bande dessinée, j’ai publié 160 albums, dont des récits d’anticipation comme Carmen mc Callum, Travis, ou encore Renaissance. Je suis un des créateurs des uchronies très polar de la série Jour-J. En 2019 j’ai adapté avec Didier Cassegrain Nymphéas Noir, d’après M. Bussi.

Polars Fétiches

livre : Le chien des Baskerville, Arthur Conan Doyle

film : Blade Runner, Ridley Scott

auteurWilliam Riley Burnett

auteurPolice on my back, The Clash


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