Giancarlo De Cataldo


Giancarlo De Cataldo, magistrate at the court of Rome, is one of the most important black novel writers from Italy. He is the author of Romanzo CriminaleNelle mani giuste (The season of the massacres), La forma della paura (The form of fear), Il padre e lo straniero (The Father and the Stranger) and I tradittori (Traitors).

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

I was born in a small town in Southern Italy 60 years ago. I fell in love with writing because I couldn’t play football well. I fell in love with “noir” the day I broke an arm. Actually I judge bad people in Tribunal and try to understand their culture in books.

Crime favorites

Noir novel: American Tabloid, James Ellroy

movie: Once upon a time in America, Sergio Leone

Noir writer: only one ? Balzac.