Harlan Coben


Harlan Coben was born in 1962 and lives in New Jersey with his wife and their four children. He graduated in political science at Amherst College, and his early novels immediately received both public and critical acclaim. He is the first ever author to receive the Edgar Award, the Shamus Award and the Anthony Award – the three major crime awards in the United States. He is also recipient of the Crime Thriller Award. Tell No One (Ne le dis à personne) – Elle readers’ award – has been successfully adapted for the cinema by French director Guillaume Canet, and the screen rights for Six Years have been bought by Lawrence Kasdan.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

‘I wish to cling to you, move you, take care of you, thrill you. I wish to write a novel that you will start reading in bed at 11.00 p.m thinking, “Only ten minutes, then I’ll put it down”, and then you realise it’s 5.00 a.m, you’ve finished the book and you are both exhausted and ecstatic. Thank you, my dear readers, for welcoming me into your bed.’

Crime favourites

Noir book : Gone Baby Gone, by Dennis Lehane.

movie : Strangers on a Train, directed by Alfred Hitchcock (and of course Tell no one, directed by Guillaume Canet, but that’s cheating.)

author: Robert B. Parker.