Hervé Jourdain


A police captain with the Paris Criminal Brigade and an accomplished marathon runner, he is passionate about crime literature and history. He has been writing crime novels for about five years. Thierry Jonquet, Ed McBain and Ann Holt inspired him. He published in 2009 “Sang d’encre au 36”, a first detective novel which won the readers prize of Prix du Polar VSD. He won the Prix du quai des orfèvres in 2014 with “Le Sang de la trahison”.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

Rescued from drowning by a CRS at the age of 14, Hervé Jourdain naturally became a police officer. Ten years later, tired of writing traffic tickets, he started writing novels. Thrillers, of course.

Crime favourites

book : Moloch, by Thierry Jonquet

movie : Seven, directed by David Fincher

author : Ed Mc Bain

auteur : Sunday bloody sunday, U2