J.J. Connolly


J.J. Connolly is the author of two crime novels, Layer Cake, and its sequel, Viva La Madness. He also wrote the screenplay of the film based on his novel.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

I started writing because I needed a job. I’m totally unemployable. I saw a great deal of material going on around me in London so I used it for my first book Layer Cake. I love London and it’s a major character in everything I write. Also love France – so glad we now have a tunnel to connect us. After Layer Cake was published and turned into a film, people wanted to relate their true stories. Transpires a lot of true stories that genuinely happened to people are totally unbelievable. If you made them up nobody would not believe them. Fact is really stranger than fiction.

Crime Favorites

Noir novel: In cold blood, Truman Capote.

movie: Double indemnity, Billy Wilder.

Noir writer: Raymond Chandler.