Jacky Schwartzmann


Born in Besançon, Jacky Schwartzmann was an educator, bookseller and head waiter, before joining the multinational Alstom as a logistics assistant, an experience which inspired his first novel, Mauvais Coûts (La Fosse aux ours, 2016). He then published two “noir” novels: Demain c’est loin (Le Seuil, 2017), Pension complète (Le Seuil, 2018).


Autobiography for Quais du Polar

No study, lots of jobs. After 25 years of this draconian regime, the first publications, first at La Fosse aux ours, then at Seuil. Two small deviations in his career this year: a travel story on the marathon carried out in Pyongyang, and a comic strip, at Dargaud’s.



Crime favourites

bookTrinité, Nick Tosches

movie :  The Big Lebowski, Joel Coen

author : Michel Houellebecq

auteur : Love of my life, Queen