Jenny Rogneby


Jenny Rogneby was born in Ethiopia 1974. She grew up in the north part of Sweden, in a small town called Boden. Alongside her music career Jenny Rogneby got more and more interested in human behavior, what lies behind the choices we make and how society affects us. She began studying subjects such as criminology, sociology, law and psychology at Stockholm University where she later became a criminologist. For 7 years she has been working professionally as a criminal investigator at Stockholm City Police Department. She has investigated everything from thefts to robberies and murders. The work inspired her to start writing and she formed the character LEONA, a criminal investigator with a dark past who by her actions challenges the norms of society in many ways. Jenny who never planned to be a writer believed in her idea and decided to follow it through. She took a year’s leave from work, sold her apartment and all her furniture in Stockholm, moved abroad and wrote LEONA – The Die is Cast. She submitted her manuscript to Swedish publishers and 10 publishing houses was interested in publishing her debut. Now the book series is sold to 11 countries and there are major interest for the film rights.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

« I was born in Ethiopia, I grew up in Sweden, I live in Malta and I write these words from Spain. It was my experience as a criminologist that gave me the idea of my outsized character, Leona. I also did the first part of a Michael Jackson concert and practice the moonwalk by vacuuming. »

Crime favourites

bookOn the Brinks, by Sam Millar.

Noir series : Black Mirror, directed by Charlie Brooker.

authorDavid Lagercrantz.