Jurica Pavičić


Jurica Pavičić is a Croatian writer, screenwriter and journalist, born in Split in 1965. Her novel The Gypsum Sheep was adapted to film by Vinko Brešan, under the title Witnesses (Svjedoci), which won the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2003. Jurica Pavičić won the best screenplay award for the same film at the Pula Festival in the same year.

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Autobiography for Quais du Polar

In the political turmoils of the 90s I discovered how fragile are the social universes, and how easily they collapse. At that time, my literary taste changed for good. Like a new-born Christian, I discovered new literary „religion“: realist, genre writing. 

Crime Favourites

Noir novel : A Judgement in Stone, Ruth Rendell

movie : The Killing, Stanley Kubrick

Noir writer : Patricia Highsmith

Noir song : Highway Patrolman, Bruce Springsteen


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