Michel Bussi


Michel Bussi is a professor of geopolitics and one of France’s bestselling authors of the past decade. His novels have been published in 35 different countries. He is also the author of After the Crash (Hachette, 2016) and Black Water Lilies (Hachette, 2017).

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

Is Michel Bussi really a thriller writer? There are not so many cops in his books, and not so many corpses neither … But suspense, puzzle and twists … Often those who do not like thrillers like his books … Those who like thriller too, I hope…

Favorite “noir”

book : L’Été meurtrier, by Sébastien Japrisot

movie : The Talented Mr. Ripley, directed by Anthony Minghella (both ingenious and devilish)

author : Serge Brussolo (both unique and unsurpassed)

A song : Angie, Rolling stones