Olivier Berlion


Olivier Berlion was born in Lyon in 1969. He asserts himself as a complete artist by writing his own scenarios and drawing them, as in his series “Histoires d’en ville” (Stories from the city) published between 2000 and 2003 at Glénat. In 2015 come out “Le Juge, la République assassinée” (The Judge, the Assassinated Republic), historical thriller in three volumes, which tells the story of Judge Renaud, first magistrate to have been assassinated under the Fifth Republic. This triptych was the subject of considerable documentation and benefited from the advice of the son of the judge, Francis Renaud.

Crime favourites

book: Les Marins perdus (The Lost Sailors), by Jean-Claude Izzo.

movie: Once Upon a Time in America, directed by Sergio Leone.

author: Tonino Benacquista.


Olivier Berlion is nominated for the Experience/Quais du Polar 2017 Award for the comic book “Le Juge, la République assassinée” (The Judge, the Assassinated Republic).