Oyinkan Braithwaite


Oyinkan Braithwaite is a graduate of Creative Writing and Law from Kingston University. Following her degree, she worked as an assistant editor at Kachifo, a Nigerian publishing house, and as a production manager at Ajapaworld, a children’s educational and entertainment company. She now works as a freelance writer and editor.

In 2014, she was shortlisted as a top-ten spoken-word artist in the Eko Poetry Slam, and in 2016 she was a finalist for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria.


Autobiography for Quais du Polar

When I was ten, I wrote a story about a beautiful young woman who stabs herself with only the forest as witness. As an adult, I wrote a tale about a beautiful young woman who stabs men, with her sister as unwilling accessory after the fact. So, I guess this is what growth looks like.


Favorite “noirs”

livre : The Big Sleep, Raymond Chandler

film : Sin City, Frank Miller, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez

auteur : Lee Child