Peter Farris


Peter Farris born in 1979, lives in the county of Cherokee in Georgia. After studying at Yale, he became a singer in a rock group and a bank clerk in a Connecticut bank. He had been working there for a few weeks when the bank was robbed, an adventure which inspired his first novel, Last Call for the Living.

Autobiographie pour Quais du Polar

My father once told me that there are two types of writers: masons and architects. For me, they are also painters. At the origin of each of my books there is an image, my role is to build the context. My only writing rule: follow the uncertainty.


Polars fétiches

livre : La Mort du petit cœur, Daniel Woodrell

film : La Nuit du chasseur, Charles Laughton

auteur :  Larry Brown

auteur : Waitin’ Around to Die, Townes Van Zandt