Rachid Santaki


Nicknamed ‘the Victor Hugo of the Ghetto’,’ Rachid Santaki was born in Seine-Saint-Denis where he still lives. Former community thai-boxing coach and founder of the 5Styles magazine, he is also active as an entrepreneur and very involved in community life.

He was awarded the Prix Espoir de l’Économie with the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  and TelQuel magazine chose him as one of ‘The 50 people who will make Morocco’s future’.  His novels, Les Anges s’habillent en caillera et Des Chiffres et des litres, were published by Éditions Moisson Rouge.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

“This is because crime fiction gives the opportunity to show the worst parts of society that I adopted this particularly dark literature genre so easily and that my tales of the city of Saint-Denis, my novels’ main character, are getting darker and more and more hopeless.”

Crime favourites

Film : Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

Book : Nos fantastiques années fric, by Dominique Manotti

Author : Georges Pelecanos