René Manzor


René Manzor is a screenwriter, director and writer. René Manzor occupies a very exclusive position in the French film industry. He is the secret offspring of a cinematic union between Terry Gilliam and David Fincher, between Steven Spielberg and… well, frankly, only American names come to mind ! And there’s the rub… René Manzor is perhaps too much of a “Martian” for the French film industry. In short, René Manzor is politically incorrect in France ! As we shall now prove… With two novels, He has established himself as a new name for the French thriller, and received the European Polar Prize at the Cognac Festival for “Celui dont le nom n’est plus” (Kero, 2014).

Crime favourites

book : Night Has A Thousand Eyes, by Cornell Woolrich.

movie : Les Yeux sans visage, by Georges Franju.

author : R. J. Ellory.