Richard Price


Richard Price (born October 12, 1949) is an American novelist and screenwriter, known for the books The Wanderers (1974), Clockers (1992) and Lush Life (2008). Price’s novels explore late-20th century urban America in a gritty, realistic manner that has brought him considerable literary acclaim. Several of his novels are set in a fictional northern New Jersey city called Dempsy.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

When I do choose to write about urban crime; cops, street people etc; its because I know how to make these particular bipeds crackle. I don’t know how to make doctors and engineers crackle.

Crime favorites

Noir novel: The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Georges V. Higgins.

movie: It’s a tie between Double Identity and The Usual Suspects.

Noir writer: James Cain.