Not only a literature festival, Quais du Polar also brings to light cinema and TV series through twenty screenings in theatres of Lyon and the area. These screenings, introduced by authors and echoing topics celebrated during the festivaldraw a landscape of the noir and crime fiction genre on screen.


The opening film of the International Critic’s Week at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, Sicilian Ghost story will be premiered at the Lumière Bellecour on Friday 6th of April at 8:30pm. This fantasy-thriller revisits the Romeo and Juliet myth in the way of a tale in the wicked world of the Mafia. The film is to be released in June 2018.

The film will be introduced by the Sicilian actor Filippo Luna, playing the role of the disturbing U’Nanu.


Birthplace of Giallo, Italy is the guest of honor this year, with th epresence of 16 authors. This highlight goes with a cinema program selection linked to the invited authors.

Mafia, a recurring theme in Italian noir cinema, but also in American productions, will be the subject of a special evening at the PathéBellecour on Friday 6th April at 7 :45pm, with two films, one Italian and one American :Black Souls/LesAmes noiresetThe Drop/Quandvient la nuit. The evening will be launched by Francesco Munzi, director of Black Souls, andGioacchinoCriaco, author of the eponymous novel.

The authors MimmoGangemi, Carlo Lucarelli and Antonio Lanzetta will introduce three noir film classics at the Comoedia :Why ?/Détenuenattente de jugement by Nanni Loy, never released in France ; One hundred steps/Les Cent pas by Marco TullioGiordana ; andSuburra by Stefano Sollima.


Two films, two great trials based on true stories, will be screened during the festival: Judge Fayard called The Sheriff /Le JugeFayarddit « Le Shériff », based on the murder of Judge Renaud in Lyon, on Thursday 5th of April at Ecully and Labyrinth of Lies/Le Labyrinthe du silence, based on the second Auschwitz trial, on Saturday 7th of April at the Goethe-Institut.


Initiated by the Grac, CinéCollectionoffers a monthly trip through cinema history to see or see again in cinema theatres, key films from great filmmakers. Three films will be screened in April in the theatres of the Grac network: Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia/Apportez-moi la tête d’Alfredo Garcia by Sam Peckinpah, Série Noire by Alain Corneau, andDouble indemnity/Assurance sur la mort by Billy Wilder.

In another type but equally cult, Who is killing the great chefs of Europe?/La Grande cuisine by Ted Kotcheffwill be screened at Ecully on Thrusday 5th of April and will be introduced by the starred chef Thierry Marx, invited to the festival for the release of his first novel co-written with Odile Bouhier.


The first two episodes of the TV series La Zona, broadcasted in France by Polar+

from next May 7th, will be premiered at the Confluences Museum on Saturday 7th of May. This screening echoes the topic dedicated to crime fiction and ecology and will be commented at the end of the screening by the Spanish author José Carlos Somoza.

Still in the Confluences Museum, MimmoGangemi will take part in a discussion around the Arte documentary screening of Le poison de la Mafia et la loidu silence, on Sunday 8th of April. The political thriller The East will also be screened on the same day.


Like every year, Institut Lumière will put on crime fiction colors for a weekend of noir films chosen by authors of the festival.

Six authors will introduce their favorite films, among which Harlan Coben’s favorite Strangers on a train/L’Inconnu du Nord-Express by Alfred Hitchcock, which will launch the weekend.


Kids and families also have their special program with three films specially chosen for aspiring detectives! Young Sherlock Holmes/Le Secret de la pyramide, adaptation of Conan Doyle on Sherlock Holmes’ youth, produced by Steven Spielberg, screened at the Institut Lumière on Saturday 7th of April at 2:30pm.

On Sunday 8th of April, the youth author Guillaume Le Cornec will introduce the animated film Zootopia/Zootopie at the Lumière Fourmiat 11:00am, and Newt door spy/Agatha, ma voisinedétective screened in Ecully at 3:00pm.


On the occasion of the festival, SNCF invites the public to discover 7 international short-films in competition for the PRIZE “SNCF DU POLAR 2018” . Two screenings will take place in free access at the EspaceCulturel Saint-Marc (Saturday 7th of April) and at the Amphi Opéra (Sunday 8th of April).

The public will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite short-film, and win a Eurostar round trip to London by drawing lots.