Hannelore Cayre


Hannelore Cayre is a criminal defence lawyer, she was born in 1963 and lives in Paris. She is the author, among others, of ommis d’office, Toiles de maître, Comme au cinéma and La Daronne (Police Literature Prize, 2017, European Polar Prize 2017). She has directed several short films, the movie Commis Office, and co-wrote the screenplay for La Daronne.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

Hannelore Cayre continues like the cockroach dung beetle to work to be Hannelore Cayre, but that loses importance because the more she refines herself the closer she gets to death. She sells more books than before, that doesn’t prevent her from being jealous of Je mange donc je maigris by Michel Montignac

Favorite “noir”

 livre : Every Richard Yates, John Cheever, Huber Selby Jr, John Updike… Jane Austen et Emile Zola.

film : Star Trek

auteur : Zola because of Thérèse Raquin.

auteurWar pimp Renaissance de Lard, to wake up in the morning – Tarantula deadly cargo des Sleaford mods to cintinue wakind  up-XXX des Pussy Riot to end. Ma quale idéal by Pino d’Angio when I’m very sick.