Julian Press


Julian Press studied graphic arts before working for youth book publishers. He now lives in Hamburg and works for the press and publishing companies. His detective stories have met with great success and have been translated in more than twenty countries. They are interactive stories which encourage the reader to look for decisive clues within extremely detailed images.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

« Accross the fog, I’m leaving for Lyon. The Lindy Hop’s session of last week was heavy. My bag is full of hobbies like crime novels, illustrations, paintings and my camera. Plugged in to Baroque music, Jazz Of Brel, Ferrat and Barbara. I fall down… my hobbies are dispersed and above me there are ravens watching me.

– Hitchcock ! Phew, I’m well arrived. »

Crime favourites

book : The Third Man, by Graham Greene.

movie : North by Northwest, by Hitchcock.

authorRégine Pernoud, Kressmann Taylor, Barbara Tuchman, Stefan Zweig, Hermann Hesse …