Patrice Guirao


Patrice Guirao was born in 1954 in Mascara (Algeria). He arrived in Tahiti in 1968. He only left the island to continue his studies in France, at the National School of Civil Aviation. With his diploma, he returned to practice his profession of “air traffic controller” in the tropics he loved so much. A few years later, he began a successful career without leaving his island. He creates hit music before writing successful musicals. He is the author of Bûcher de Moorea (Robert Laffont/La Bête noire, 2019).

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

I am reborn every morning. So my bio does not go beyond the turn of a dial. The essential and the useless. Time to wonder why it’s already dark and everything starts all over again. I am the rock of poor Sisyphus whom I actually like, even if he makes me seasick

Favorite “noir”

livre : Au-delà du mal, Shane Stevens

film : Brazil, Terry Gilliam

auteur : Gabriel Garcia Marquez

auteur : The Girl From Ipanema, Antônio Carlos Jobim et Vinícius de Moraes