Sophie Endelys


Sophie Endelys is a magistrate and lives in Normandy. She has published three novels: Du gypse, du plomb, et une légère odeur de fraise (Fayard, 2003), Diététique et balle perdue (Plon, 2007), La Brodeuse des ombres (Denoël, 2013).

Autobiographie pour Quais du Polar

I started writing the day I bought a piano. The appeal of the keyboard was overwhelming. Words or notes, notes and words: chords and disharmony, arpeggio and dissonance, ambivalence and depth. Finally, I played the keyboard without ever learning the piano!

Polars fétiches

livre  :  Le quinconce, Charles Palliser 

film  : Millenium, Niels Arden Oplev

auteur : Heinning Mankell

A song: Far From Any Road, The Handsome Family (in True Detective Première Saison – Thème principal du générique d’introduction )