Stuart Neville


Autobiography for Quais du Polar

I realised I wanted to be a writer when I was around eight years old, and my first attempt in a school jotter involved dinosaurs and a secret island.  It was not Jurassic Park.  When I reached my teens, I discovered guitars and girls, and decided that I wanted to be a rock star instead, and when I was too old for that, I’d become a writer instead.  It took about fifteen years to realise that wasn’t going to work out the way I’d planned.  By the time I hit my mid-thirties, I realised if I ever wanted to be a writer, now was the time to take it seriously.  So I started writing, and after two failed novels, The Ghosts of Belfast, was the result.

Crimes favorites

Film : Heat, Michael Mann.

Book : American Tabloïd, James Ellroy.

Writer : James Ellroy.