Lauren Beukes


Autobiography for Quais du Polar

She’d wished to be a writer when she was five. She claims she struck no devil’s bargains, buried no dark secrets under the mulberry tree in the backyard of her childhood home in Africa, in a big city full of bright ambition and bloody repression. But her novels are obsessed with the ghosts of the past. And the truth is that she is haunted too. She knows stories can open minds like doors. She sometimes wishes she hadn’t opened hers, because now she is possessed by them. The only exorcism is to pin them onto the page so the words can be read and infect someone else. Because stories are powerful and contagious.

Crime favourites

Film : Memento, Christopher Nolan.

Book : Claire de Witt and the City of the Dead, Sara Gran.

Author : Philip K Dick.


And some extras:

TV Series: Breaking Bad

Comic: Criminal, Ed Brubaker & Sean Philips