Sophie Loubière


Journalist and novelist, author of nine novels, Sophie Loubière has long shared between the microphone (France Inter) and the pen. She published her first thriller in the collection Le Poulpe in 1999. Her universe : the mistreatment of feelings, the guilty secrets of childhood.

Autobiography for Quais du Polar

If you were a man?

– Donald Trump’s gastroenterologist

– A motto?

– Esse quam videri

– A fictional character?

– David Vincent.-

A series? – Super Jaimie.-

A bad habit? – Talking about work before making love.

– A date? – 1966.

– An application?

– Too good to go

Crime favourites

book : Mémoire assassine, Thomas H. Cook

movie : Spellbound, Alfred Hitchcock

author : Dashiell Hammett

auteur :  Stairway to heaven, Led Zeppelin